A guided research mentorship program begins in the first year of residency. If presenting a paper/poster at a national conference, meeting expenses may be paid for.

Most Recent Research Updated: August 2022

Natasha Kaur, MD

Understanding patient literacy: readability of breast biopsy educational materials

Mentor: A. Achiriloaie, MD

Ryan Mezan, MD

Analyzing supervised machine learning models for the prediction of endovascular leaks following endovascular aortic aneurysm repair.

Mentor: R. Tomihama, MD

Terrence Li, MD

Management of CT Radiographic Thoracolumbar Compression Fractures in Patients at High Risk for Osteoporotic Fractures

Mentor: A. Blackburn, MD

Maiqui Jimena, MD

Postnatal urinary tract dilation (UTD) grading criteria’s predictive role in

vesicoureteral reflux grade and other clinical outcomes?

Mentor: C. Manalo, MD

Mason Phan, MD

Evaluating On-Call Radiology Residents’ Discrepancy Rate at a Level 1 Trauma University

Mentor: E. Peters, MD

Samuel AbuMoussa, MD

Does general surgery follow-up after cholecystostomy tube placement reduce overall risk of tube-related complications.

Mentor: K Cooper, MD

Andrew Pop, MD

Cholecystostomy Complications and Outcomes

Mentor: K. Cooper, MD

Joshua Harris, MD

An observational study on the prevalence of anterolisthesis of C7 on T1 in the general population

Mentor: E. Kinne, MD

Javier Torres, MD

Application of TIRADS at LLU

Mentor: R. Chen, MD

Edward Kim, MD

Radiology Medical Malpractice in California

Mentor: E. Kinne, MD

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Past Projects

Christine Xue, MD

Assessment of classic metaphyseal lesions on bone surveys for non-accidental trauma with deep learning algorithms

Mentors: P. Acharya, MD & R. Nowrangi, MD

Ryan Rigsby, MD

Correlation of spinal epidural fat volume with body mass index: a longitudinal study.

Mentors: S. Barnes, PhD and E. Peters, MD

Matthew Phelps, MD

Evaluation of sacroiliitis on MR imaging in pediatric and young adults using Deep Learning Algorithms.

Mentor: P. Acharya, MD

Philip Grigsby, MD

Aristotle versus synchro microwire in intracranial aneurysm coiling

Mentor: D. Hoss, MD.

Justin Camera, MD

Training a convolutional neural network to detect abdominal aortic aneurysms.

R. Nowrangi, MD & R. Tomihama, MD

Jonathan Diamond, MD

Angle correction in transcranial doppler for vasospasm screening

Mentors: M. Staton, MD & D. Hoss, MD

Nicholas Paul, MD

Tibiopedal versus radial artery calibers in a healthy patient cohort

Mentors: J. Smith, MD & B. Harboldt, MD


Anthony Turk, MD

Comparing the safety and efficacy of ultrasound-guided percutaneous liver biopsies: right versus left hepatic lobe approaches.

Mentor: D. Jin, MD.


Brent Keate, MD

Utility of 3D-printed vascular models in interventional radiology.

Mentors: C Manalo, MD & K Cooper, MD.

Alexander Cho, MD

Screening for craniocervical junction dissociation in pediatric trauma with noncontrast CT head

Mentors: S Harder, MD & P. Kim, MD.

Faraien Bahri, MD

Outcomes Analysis of Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS) for Refractory Ascites in Patients with Functional Renal Failure

Mentor: Tomihama, MD

Edwin Torres, MD

Screening with Non-contrast CT Head for Atlantooccipital Dislocation in Pediatric Trauma Using a Deep Learning Algorithm

Mentor: S. Harder, MD

Robert Burt, MD

Sensitivity and Specificity of the OK Sign for Fracture in ER radiographs

Mentor: E. Kinne, MD

Michael Christie, MD & David Wilding, MD

Organ and Tumor Segmentation with Machine Learning

Mentor: D. Jin, MD

Kevin Napitupulu, MD

Comparing myocardial fluorodeoxyglucose activity to the ratio of basal ganglia to cerebral cortex activity in suppressed and unsuppressed cardiac activity.

Mentor: K. Cooper, MD

Raymond Scott, MD

Prevalence of Neuroimaging Findings in Patients with COVID-19 and Correlation with Common Chest Imaging Patterns

Mentor: A. Achiriloaie, MD

Tim Sherry, MD

Improvement of Nephrostomy and Biliary tube Outcomes (INBO) Study

Mentor: K. Cooper, MD

Kevin Pham, MD

Assessment of American College of Radiology Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System (TI-RADS) with Modified Size Thresholds in Pediatric Thyroid Nodules

Mentor: M. Staton, MD

Tyler Miskin, MD

Diverticulosis population study

Mentor: Moretz, MD

Kelsey Maher, MD

Using signal to noise ratio to determine the accuracy of meniscal tears

Mentor: E. Kinne, MD

Yuki Miura, MD.

Comparison of EMN guided and CT guided percutaneous biopsy of pulmonary nodules.

Mentors: R. Tomihama, MD and B. Furukawa, MD

Rajeev Nowrangi, MD

Training a neural network to detect potential endoscopically refractory variceal bleeding in cirrhotic patients.

Mentor: R. Tomihama, MD

Nicholas Ferguson, MD

Comparative Detection of Fluciclovine vs PSMA PET/CT for Prostate Cancer Biochemical Recurrence with PSA<2: A Systematic Review and Comparative Meta-analysis.

Mentor: N. Tan, MD

Jon Floresca, MD

Radiation Dose Comparison of Transforaminal Fluoroscopy Guided Curved Needle Technique for Nusinersen Administration in Children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Extensive Spinal Instrumentation.

Mentor: D. Hoss, MD and P. Jacobson, MD

Alex Yeo, MD

Creating a craniocervical junction injury index for predicting outcome in pediatric cervical junction injury.

Mentor: S. Harder, MD

Jared Webster, MD

SPARCC Scoring in the Assessment of Treatment Response in Pediatric Patients with Sacroilitis

Mentor: P. Achariya, MD

Danny Kwon, MD

Comparison of survivability between conventional and drug-eluting bead transcatheter arterial chemoembolization of hepatocellular carcinoma.

Mentor: R. Tomihama, MD

Kaci Dudley, MD

Ultrasound-guided tunneled line placement for improved efficiency and safety.

Mentor: R. Tomihama, MD

Brian Cristiano, MD

Determinants of stroke outcome following MR selected embolectomy:

logistic regression analysis of post embolectomy outcome among Emergent large vessel occlusion patients with ICAT or MCA M1 segment occlusion at LLUMC

Bjorn Harboldt, MD

Natural history of knee joint fluid volume after total knee arthroplasty

Kyrollos Tawfik, MD

Neuroradiographic Outcomes in Infants Supported by VA vs. VV ECMO

Jalil Kalantari, MD

Analysis of CT findings for uncontrolled variceal bleeding in cirrhotic patients requiring TIPS

Ryan Strilaeff, MD

Novel hand ultrasound techniques as predictors of safety for trans-radial arterial access

Daniel Fetzer, MD

Differentiating multiple sclerosis from ADEM on MR imaging by central vein sign, contrast enhancement, and lesion volumetrics

Sara Tedla, MD

Evaluating the Utility of MRI in the Detection of Brain Death

Jonathan Kim, MD

Meta-analysis of Imaging with PSMA-targeted Radiotracers for the Detection of Prostate Cancer Biochemical Recurrence After Definitive Therapy

Joseph Frey, MD

Bone bruise patterns in multiligamentous knee injuries