Congratulations on being one step closer to the world of Radiology! We are happy to see you consider your training at Loma Linda, and even more so to share some information about our program.

Our Residents: The residents at Loma Linda are strong, clinically-oriented radiologists who are able to develop autonomy early and grow to achieve excellent reputations at numerous nationally-recognized fellowships later on. There is also strong resident camaraderie with friendships that extend beyond the reading room.

Our Faculty: Our faculty holds impressive clinical backgrounds with a wide array of experiences in the fields of academics and private practice. A most admirable trait that they share, however, is their invested passion towards resident learning and ensuring that the program continues to improve for the better. Many of our residents are grateful for their mentorship, which often develops into professional and personal relationships that remain even after graduation.

Our Education:

  • Workstation experience: Our attending staff are very committed to teaching and are always eager to adapt to ways that are more conducive to learning. Read-out opportunities are frequent and made throughout the day, most of which are performed face-to-face with direct, tailored feedback. In addition to sharing their vast radiology knowledge, our attendings connect with residents as individuals and it is not too uncommon at all to discuss shared hobbies and interests during casual times (travel, gaming, sports, investing, and so on!).
  • Conference: Our program has two protected conferences scheduled in the morning (7:25 – 8:15 AM) and at noon conference (12:00 PM – 1:00 PM) on most weekdays, Monday to Friday. The lectures are done by either senior residents, fellows, and/or attendings with a mix of both didactic and case-based content. Residents present at monthly “Interesting Case Conferences” at the end of each rotation as well as monthly Journal Clubs throughout the year.
  • Board Review: During the R1 year, monthly oral exam sessions are held based on foundational and common call cases. RadPrimer subscriptions are provided for all residents throughout residency. The program also provides a stipend toward attending a board review course during the R3 year. Additionally, dedicated board-specific faculty lectures are provided in the months leading up to CORE for the R3 residents.
  • Resident Teaching experience: There are both formal and informal opportunities for residents to teach medical students and other residents. While informal teaching occurs daily at the workstation, radiology residents also give dedicated radiology lectures to the medical students on several specialty rotations including Surgery, OB/GYN and Pediatrics. Senior residents provide lectures in their chosen fellowship specialty.
  • Graduated Call: A unique opportunity offered by our program is a graduated call system prior to independent night float rotations. For the first 6 months of the R1 year, preparations are made for the call experience by focusing on developing a firm knowledge of radiology, and there are no call expectations at this time. During the second 6 months of the R1 year, residents take buddy call from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM covering radiograph/ultrasound with attending supervision as well as a senior resident present. The first 6 months of the R2 year, residents begin taking weekend radiograph/ultrasound call. The second 6 months of R2 year, residents begin taking cross sectional/nuclear medicine call from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Residents also cover the Neuro PM shift during their R2 year. The first 6 months of the R3 year, cross sectional/nuclear medicine call is taken on the weekends. During R3 and R4 year, residents complete Emergency month rotations where senior residents cover all overnight inpatient/urgent care/ED cases without a nighthawk service.
  • Social Activity: Given the natural wonders of Southern California, our program is home to many hikers and runners who have formed groups that trek several hikes a year and regularly compete in local 5K/10K/marathon events. We also have a Women in Radiology group, with frequent mentoring and networking opportunities. Our radiology department also engages in many local community outreach opportunities. Best of all, we have a competitive yearly fantasy football league with a coveted large trophy prime for the taking in our main resident reading room.

Our Research: Research is well-supported at Loma Linda. Several residents have received research awards including AUR Research Award, RSNA Roentgen Resident Research Award, and appointment into the ACR-AUR Research Scholar Program. Several faculty members are recipients of research grants. All residents are expected to complete a Quality Improvement project and mentored research project during their R1 year. Both of these projects are presented during Grand Rounds, and residents are encouraged to submit these projects for publication. Our research committee evaluates all resident publications and awards the residents various monetary amounts. In previous years, residents have presented projects in Canada, Spain, South Korea, France, and the Netherlands.

Our City: Loma Linda is a small, safe town nestled within the Inland Empire of Southern California. In 2008, it earned the distinction of being the only “Blue Zone” in the United States. Blue Zones are population clusters showing healthy traits and unusual longevity, with large number of individuals living pass the age of 100.  Loma Linda is directly adjacent to Redlands, California. Within Redlands is a historic district, university, and downtown with a weekly farmers market, many boutique shops, and lots of great restaurants. While the Inland Empire itself offers its own gems, if one is up for adventure, there are many world-renowned destinations simply a drive away! We are centrally located 30-45 minutes from the mountains including Big Bear and about 1 hour away from Joshua Tree. Local city excursions include Orange County (1 hour drive), Los Angeles (about 1-1.5 hours drive), and San Diego (1.5 hour drive).

We hope that this brief overview has been informative. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!

Jason & Matt